chaninaChanina Rosenbaum started her cake business in 2005 in Baltimore, Maryland. Israel has always held a very special place in Chanina’s heart and she named her business to reflect that. In 2007 her family and business made Aliyah. As part of the absorption process, they took Ulpan classes. One assignment was to give a presentation to the class about themselves. Chanina of course baked a cake and decorated it with flags representing each country her classmates had come from, with an Israeli flag in a heart shape. It was featured in a local magazine and the business in Israel took off. It has now grown to cookies, pastries, and catering. Chanina and the entire Holy Land Cakes staff consider it an honor to be a part of their clients’ most important life events. They use only the finest quality ingredients, all with kosher certification. From their family to yours, their products are customized, whimsical, beautiful, and always – always – delicious. –